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Module 1: Introduction to Unix & Linux

History of Unix & Linux
Basic Concepts of Operating Systems, Kernel, shell and file system structure
Basic Concepts of Linux
Basic Commands of Linux
Advanced Linux Commands

Module 2: Installation of Linux

Interactive Installation
Kick start Installation
Network based Installation

Module 3: User and group administration

Creating and deleting users from the system
Modifying users profile
Creating and deleting groups
Important system files related to user administration

Module 4: Advanced file permissions (ACL)

Assigning advanced files permissions i.e. SUID, SGID and Sticky bit
Creating, modifying and deleting ACL's

Module 5: Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

Using fdisk, disk druid utilities for disk partitioning
Using mkfs, dd commands to create file systems
Mounting various file systems
Auto mounting of file system
Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Module 6: Quotas

Enabling Quotas on partitions
Creating Quotas for users
Auditing quotas

Module 7: Backup and recovery

Introduction to various types of backup media
Backup and restoring data using dump / restore commands
Backup and restoring using tar and cpio commands
Automation of Jobs

Module 8: RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)

Implementing RAID on Linux
Pre installation / Post Installation
RAID levels ( 0, 1, and 5) configuration using RAID tools

Module 9: Troubleshooting your system

Recovering the super user password
Recovering the boot loader (GRUB)
Troubleshooting Xserver problems
Troubleshooting network related problems

Module 10: Startup and Shutdown scripts

Boot Sequence
Kernel Initialization
INIT Process

Module 11: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Configuring Linux as DHCP server
Configuring various clients for dhcp server (Windows & Linux)

Module 12: DNS

Basis of Internet
Basic of DNS and BIND 9
Configuring DNS primary server, and secondary servers
Configuring DNS for multiple domains and sub domains
Configuring various clients ( Windows & Linux)

Module 13: Web Server (Apache)

Basics of web service
Introduction to Apache
Configuring Apache for main site
Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based,
port-based and name-based virtual hosting

Module 14: FTP server ( vsftp daemon)

Basics of File Transfer protocol
Configuring proftpd for anonymous ftp service

Module 15: Samba service

Basics of file sharing in Windows
Configuring samba to act as member server for Windows Network
Configuring samba service for file sharing with windows systems

Module 16: Proxy Server (Squid)

Basics of proxy services
Configuring proxy services
Creating ACL's for controlling access to internet

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