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MCITP Syllabus Details

Module 1: HARDWARE

Basic of computer hardware technology
PC function and component
Installation of operating system
Installation of operating system(Win XP, Win 2000, Win2003, Vista, win 7 etc)
Device manager

Module 2: Networking essentials

What is networking and advantages?
Types of networks, LAN & WAN
Requirements for implementing LAN
Network topology
Network model
Types of cables
Crimping( straight and cross)
Network adaptors / NIC cards
Network devices (Hub, switches & router)

Module 3: IP address

Class A to Class E
Private / public address
Logical & physical address

Module 4: Network protocol


Module 5: Reference model

OSI reference model,
TCP-IP reference model

Module 6: Introduction to Microsoft windows 2003 / 2008 families

History of server O/S
Features of windows server 2008
Installation of windows server 2003 / 2008
Upgrading existing win 2003 domain to window 2008 domain

Module 7: Active directory- Domain services

Features of active directory
Installing and configuring ADDS
Active directory and its components (Logical & physical components
Configuration ADC / CDC
Uninstallation of ADSS

Module 8: FSMO roles of AD-DS

Roles of AD-DS
Transferring of roles
Seizing of roles

Module 9: Trust relationship

Introduction to trust relationship
Functional levels
Authentication protocols
Configuring forest trust between 2008 forests

Module 10: RODC

Introduction & configuration of read-only domain control
SITES and global catalogue
Replication between the domain controller

Module 11: Member server, clients, user configuration

Adding of clients to domain
Creating local & domain user
Creating groups
Password policies
Account lockout policies
User properties

Module 12: Permission access control list

File system
Security and sharing permission to folders & files
Difference between FAT & NTFS

Module 13: User profiles

Types of profiles (local, roaming & mandatory profiles)
Types of profiles (Local, roaming & mandatory profiles)
Home folder
Disk quotas
Applying & denying disk space to user

Module 14: Group policy / system policies

Organizational unit
Delegation of control
Configuration of group policy
Applying group policies on OU’s, domain & sites
Group policy modeling
Software deployment
Script, folder redirection

Module 15: Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)

Introduction & configuration of DHCP server
Configuration or scope
BOOTP server
DHCP backup

Module 16: Domain name system (DNS)

What is DNS? DNS naming hierarchy
Installing & configuring DNS
Types of zones: primary, secondary, strub zone
Lookup zones – forward & reverse lookup zones
Resource records integration with Ads, SRV records
Forwarders, dynamic updates

Module 17: Internet information services

Installing & configuration IIS
Creating & hosting websites
Virtual directory
Backup and restoring sites
FTP server configuration
Uploading and downloading the contents through FTP

Module 18: Disk management

Basic & dynamic disk
Types of volume
Creating- simple, spammed, stripped, mirroring & RAID5

Module 19: Windows deployment services

Introduction & configuration of WDS server
Attended and unattended installation

Module 20: Terminal services

Terminal server configuration
Terminal server licensing mode
Remote desktop

Module 21: Routing & remote access

Remote access server configuration
VPN, NAT, DHCP relay agent

Module 22: Windows server core

Installation of windows server core 2008
Basic command of server core
Installation, managing & uninstalling server core features and roles

Module 23: Advanced topics

Introduction to backup
User data, system style backup & restoration
Upgrading windows server 2003 to 2008
Offline folder, VSS
DNS backup & restore
Extend partition using command prompt

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