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Digital Marketing Detail Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
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Digital Marketing Syllabus

Module 1- Introduction to Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Introduction to SEO
Introduction to SMO
Introduction and Course Overview
History of the Internet
What Do The Statistics Tell Us?
Real v/s Digital World
Careers and prospects in Digital Marketing

Module 2- Introduction to HTML

What is html?
What does HTML stands for?
History of HTML.
Html tags
Diff between HTML and DHTML.

Module 3- HTML Tags

Details of HTML tags with examples
Title, Meta tag etc.
HTML 5 tags with examples

Module 4- Way to Organic Search

Basics on Search Engines, Search Results, Crawlers and Indexing Ranking and Results, How do Search Engines Derive Importance? Understanding the SERP Search Engine Algorithms Google Algorithm Updates Panda Update and its Importance On-Page Meta Tags, Description, Keywords, Title Tags Off-Page-Link Building, Article / Blog Submissions

Module 5– Keyword Research and Tactics

Introduction to Keyword Research
Types of Keywords
Keyword Research Strategy
Keywords Analysis Tools
Finding the good keywords
Localized Keywords Research
Language based keywords

Module 6 - On-Page Optimization

Importance of Domain Names and Value
Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
Coding Best Practices
Filename Optimization
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Tags
Headers Optimization
Page Speed Optimization Tool
Anchor Links Optimization
POP-UP and Sticky ads
Meta Geo
Creating an HTML and XML sitemaps
URL Rewriting Techniques (301, 302)
HTML Validation using W3C
Google SEO Guidelines
Search Engines V/S directory
Major search engines and directories
Creating Robots file
URL renaming/re-writing

Module 7- Clients Input form

Business name
Owner name
Business contact details
Business email address
Business hours
Business logo and more..

Module 8- Off-Page Optimization

Submission to search engines
Introduction to Offsite Optimization
Local marketing of websites depending on locations
Promoting Subsequent pages of the website
Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat SEO
Types of Linking Methods
Free Links / Paid Links
Directory Submission
Blog Submission & Commenting
Free Classifieds
Forums Posting
Forum Signatures and Commenting
Press Releases
Video optimization
Link Building
Article Submissions
Social Bookmarking
How to promote home page
Image Optimiasation

Module 9- Google Analytics

Google Analytics- How to set up Analytics
Linking Analytics with other properties
Creating Goals and Tracking Conversions
Understanding Google Analytics Reports
Let’s give a test

Module 10– Google Webmaster

Setting up a Webmaster A/C
Setting up Sitemap in Google Webmaster
Checking External and Internal Linking
Understanding the Webmaster Report
Google Knowledge Graph

Module 11- Online Buisness Tools

Understanding various models by case Studies
Media Buying and Planning
Formula for Media Buyings

Module 12- Content Marketing

Introduction to Content Marketing
Buisness Opportunities in Content Marketing

Module 13- Social Media Optimization

What is Social Media?
What are key elements of Social Media?
Benefits of Social Media?
Practical Sessions

Module 14- Facebook Optimization

Facebook Marketing-Creation of FB Page, Profile and Group
Creation of Content to create hype and Reach
How to increase likes and fans?
Understanding FB Insights
FB Lab
Setting up a FB Campaign
Running your FB Ads
Understanding FB Ads Reporting
FB Adverts Lab

Module 15- Twitter Optimization

Twitter Marketing
How to use Twitter in creating your Brand Identity
How to increase Followers and who to Follow?
Understanding Twitter Analytics
Twitter Lab

Module 16- YouTube Optimization

YouTube Marketing
Creating YouTube Channel
How to upload YouTube Videos, create description and increase views
Understanding YouTube Analytics
YouTube Lab

Module 17- Pinterest Optimization

Pinterest-Creating and following Pins

Module 18- Display Advertising & Adwords

Basics of SEM
AdWords A/C Setup
Running your first Campaign

Module 19- Mobile Marketing

Basics of Mobile Marketing
Trends in Mobile Marketing
Proximity Marketing
What’s App
QR Code
Miss Call Campaign
Mobile App
Smart Messaging
Advantages and Tactics in Mobile Marketing
Case Study of Mobile Marketing

Module 20- Reports and Management

Website Position Analysis in various search engines
Introduction to Google Analytics in details
Installing Google Analytics
Basics of Google Analytics
Visitors Reports
Geographic Reports
Traffic Sources Reports
Keywords Reports

Module 20- Reports and Management

Website Position Analysis in various search engines
Introduction to Google Analytics in details
Installing Google Analytics
Basics of Google Analytics
Visitors Reports
Geographic Reports
Traffic Sources Reports
Keywords Reports

Module 21- Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense Training
Affiliate Marketing Training
Developing Marketing Strategies for SMO Training
URL Shortening Tools

Module 22- Web Hosting

Web Server
Domain and IP
Book domain and server
Name Server
Add Record
Creating Email through your server
Ex :
Web Hosting
Web hosting Software

Module 23- SEO TOOLS

SEO powersuite
Screaming Frog
Traffic Travis and more…

Module 24- Live Practical for Client

Directory Submission
Article Submission
Classified Submission
Profile creation
Press Release
Social Bookmarking
Document submission / PDF / PPT
Image sharing
Blog creating
Forum Posting
Email Submission
Content Writing
Video Submission
Google Indexing
Keyword Rank

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