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Linux Device Driver Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
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Device Driver Programming Syllabus

Module 1: Linux Kernel

Open source and Kernel source tree
Kernel Architecture
Kernel compilation
Important of Make files for kernel compilation
User mode and kernel mode
Writing Modules and Kernel module compilation
Kernel Segmentation

Module 2: Programming development tools


Module 3: The Boot Process

BIOS Level
Master Boot Record (MBR)
Boot Loader
Run Level, and run level program
Setup, startup_32 function
The start kernel() function

Module 4: Introduction

Role of device Driver
Classes of Device and Modules

Module 5: Module Basics-Writing the first module

Kernel module and applications
Module Parameters
Kernel Symbol tables
Export Symbols from modules
Modules parts
Understanding kernel threads

Module 6: Operating system Services

Atomic functions
Bit operations
Time interval and jiffies
The proc file system
Usage counts

Module 7: Kernel Debugging

Kernel Debugging with kdb
Course Outline
Kernel Debugging with kgdb

Module 8: Implementing System Calls

System Calls Defined
System Calls and APIs
System Call Table
Unistd.h and entry.S files
Implementing a new system call

Module 9: I/O Ports & Interrupts

Use of I/O Ports and IRQs
Reading & Writing I/O Ports
Interrupt handling
Registering and unregistering interrupt handler
I/O Memory Mapping

Module 10: Character Device Driver

Types of device files
Major & Minor numbers
Register & Unregistered character device driver
Implementing character device driver methods
Device operation & file structure

Module 11: Block Device Driver

Mount and umount file system
Request Queue
Registering the Driver
Handling request
Mount and umount
Removable devices

Module 12: Network Device Driver

The net device structure in details
Packet transmission
Packet reception
Simulating a network device

Module 13: USB Driver

Device enumeration & configuration
USB Mouse descriptor
Data Transfer

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