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CCNA Detail Syllabus
(Duration 100 Hrs)
Start Date
(06th May)
Course Fee
(Rs:10000/- Only)

CCNA Syllabus Details

Module 1: Introduction to WAN

Components of WAN
Function of WAN components
OSI layers
Adjacent layer interaction
Difference between OSI & TCP/IP model
TCP/IP protocol suite

Module 2: TCP/IP – Addressing & sub netting

Class of IP address
Types of address (unicast,, broadcast & multicast)
Public & private addresses
Variable length subnet masking (VLSM), CIDR
Super netting

Module 3: LAN segmentation

Collision domain & broadcast domain
Physical segmentation
Network switching technology

Module 4: Introduction to CISCO

Cisco hierarchical model
Interface & components

Module 5: IOS

Modes & basic commands
Navigation commands
TFTP – (IOS) and CDP

Module 6: Routing concepts

IP routing basics
Static, default & dynamic routing
Routed vs Routing protocols
Interior routing protocol (RIP v1, v2, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP)
Introduction to exterior routing protocol(EGP, BGP)
Distance – vector routing protocol (EIGRP)
Comparing distance vector to link state routing

Module 7: Dynamic routing

Distance vector routing protocol

Module 8: IP Access list

Standard access list
Extended access list
Named access list

Module 9: Switching

Switching methods
Configuring switches using Browser , telnet, cci & menu
Layers 2 switching
Spanning tree protocol (STP)
Configuring VLAN’s VLAN trunking protocol
Modes of VTP & VTP pruning

Module 10: WAN protocol

Leased line, circuit & packet switching, PPP & HDLC
Authentication protocols PAP & CHAP

Module 11: ISDN & Leased line

Concepts of ISDN –BRI
DDR – Configuration & leased line

Module 12: Frame Relay

Concepts of frame relay
Password recovery

Module 13: Troubleshooting and Multicom Routers

Interface troubleshooting using debug commands
WAN troubleshooting, intro channelized E1 lines, PRI lines

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