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Catia Detail Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
Start Date
(06th May)
Course Fee
(Rs:5500 Only)

Catia Course Details

Module 1 : Sketcher

Introduction to CATIA, History, Basics, GUI, Use of mouse buttons, Sketcher, constraints, profile, setting workbench
Standard toolbar, how to open sketcher, sketch details and important toolbar for sketch
Profile toolbar, Types of constraints, constraint application, constraint colour
Sketch constraint, view toolbar, Operation toolbar
Specification tree use, selecting toolbars
sketch toolbar, Visualisation toolbar
Toolbar setting, plane size setting, graphics properties toolbar

Module 2 : Part Design

3D introduction, Important toolbar
Sketch based features toolbar
Reference plane
Apply material
Dress up features
Annotation toolbar
Transformation features

Module 3 : AssemblyDesign

Assembly Design-Bottom up
Constraints, move, space analysis
Product structure tools

Module 4 : Drafting

Drafting details
Text properties, graphics properties, dimensioning
Generative dimensions,

Module 5 : DMU kinematics

DMU kinematics
Mechanism and Simulations
DMU generic animation
DMU viewing

Module 6 : Generative Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal parameters
Wall, Wall on edge
Bend extremities, Flange, Hem
User flange, Bend from flat, Cut out
Rolled wall, hopper, bending
Conical bend, corner relief
Stamping – all types

Module 7 : Wireframe and Surface Design

Extrude, fill, join, trim, intersection
Corner, disassemble, boundary
Fillet, sweep

Module 8 : Generative Shape Design

1. Combine, 3D curve offset, spiral
2. Extrapolate, blend, net surface
3. Conic, variable, offset, snap

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