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Publisher: PHI Publication
ISBN: 978-81-203-4307-8

Learning and Building Business and System Applications

This text book offers a completely up-to-date and in-depth introduction to C. It covers right from basics to the latest developments so far. It also explains the concepts such as why array, pointer, structure, etc. When or how it would be used or be useful/Why function recursion and when? Highly practical in nature, the text is interspersed with numerous, worked-out examples to help the reader grasp the application of the concepts discussed.

Besides being suitable for anyone from a beginner to programmer to developer, the book would also be useful for engineering and MCA students. The text would also prove useful for practicing professional.


Publisher: TMH Publication
ISBN: 13: 978-0-07-064801-2


What is another C book doing in a market flooded with C! Isn’t it a serious? Question? In this plethora of C books, why is there another volume? In any grounding of a major discipline, a thorough grasp of the fundamentals is necessary. In C it would be Data-types - char, int, float, etc. Many books talk about the advanced level but give a synthetic, glossy over-view of the data- types, which are sometimes found in fiction! Some ’C’ programs work well but only in some or very few specific situations. What is required is universality, a harmonious set of programs, which have their importance in a majority of the situations. At the other end volumes start off at a very deep level allowing the reader to become confused, disoriented and finally scream for help as the waves of the C threaten to engulf him. These books help propagate the myth that C is unpredictable!

Giving C an unreliable reputation – C has no future! In this book, we will take you on a journey from the ABC-the building blocks of C to a far more advanced level giving you the necessary expertise in C programming! Without a complete understanding of the basics it is a huge risk, to make the leap to the advanced level, for everyone concerned. The actual memory representation of all data-types is not covered in most books.

In Cimple, you will find a clear, detailed representation of data-types. A Pictorial Representation of all data-types, functions, unions, structures etc., will de-mystify the missing link between major doubts and the understanding of the major topics. In Cimple, we will share with our readers a few hidden secrets and some features, which we are going to reveal for the first time! So, be alert!


Publisher: TMH Publication
ISBN: 13: 978-0-07-015388-2


Cystem - is a book that takes the reader to the roots of system programming using Linux as the preferred operating system platform. We have selected Linux out of the other choices available like Unix or Solaris because, Linux presents a friendlier and livelier programming environment to all - be they beginners or experts,

Whereas UNIX even today is an enigma to a large majority. Moreover the aim of this book is to take you to the roots of system programming and not to the roots of the system. In other words we will try and understand how to program the system such that it achieves desired goals or accomplishes required tasks. Time and again we have been asked to explain why Cystem is unique. We would like to lay it out in print for all readers and critics that this book does not intend to

  • Delve into operating system internals and kernel
  • Deal with administration of the system in any way.
  • simply use the GNU editors like vi or VIM or emac and write C programs (which would have otherwise also worked on Windows platforms)
  • The book has a simple and fundamental purpose – how to extract the maximum out of your operating system, to a level which is not possible using traditional tools, methods and admin utilities. This is the foundation of becoming a truly versatile & technology-independent programmer who can master any language, technology or skill set in the least possible time and yet delivers the best possible solution.


Publisher: PHI Publication
ISBN: 978-81-259-4270-2

Tips and Tricks on C

“Tips and Tricks on C “is aimed for the beginner and experienced alike. Programming in C has always been considered tricky and “difficult” by many and yet no other programming language has the versatility and speed as C. This booklet aims at providing various tips and tricks on C, which can make life a lot easier for C programmers. It will also be useful for those who are preparing for interview, for the booklet contains relevant questions which are mostly asked during as interview.


Publisher: TMH Publication
ISBN: 13: 978-0-07-064801-2


  • covers C & Data Structure in details
  • It helps to explore the inner quality of programmer
  • It contains logical & algorithm based questions
  • It motivates a programmer to explore the dark side of C
  • It shows that we are beginners in C, even after years of experience


Publisher: TMH Publication
ISBN: 13: 978-0-07-064801-2

Celect (Four Key In Campus Selections)

Key features
Contains more than 2500 solved questions for three different categories
  • MCQ
  • Debugging
  • Test Questions
  • All questions are delivered chapter wise
  • Explanation are provided for debugging and trick questions
It is only for
  • CAMPUS preparation
  • Any interviews
  • Any Techfest

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