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Embedded System Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
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Embeded System Complete Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Embedded Systems.

Application of embedded system in different field.

Embedded computer versus general Purpose computer.

Module 2:Introduction to Microprocessor and Microcontroller .

Comparing Microprocessor and Microcontroller.

Different types of microcontroller

Module 3:Digital electronics (Numbering system ) and Different types of memories .

Module 4:Different types of Memories in computer

Module 5:8051 Architecture.

Module 6:8051 microcontroller Hardware.

Module 7:Input/output pins ,ports ,and Circuits.

Module 8:External Memory ,Basics of Timers and Counters

Module 9:Timer operation

Module 10:Counter Operations

Module 11:Serial Data Input/output

Module 12:Interrupts

Module 13:Assembly language programming concepts -Hardware concepts ,software concepts

Module 14:Mechanics of programming

Module 15:Assembly language programming process. Programming tools and technique .

Module 16:programming the 8051

Module 17:Moving Data

Module 18:Logical Operation ,Arithmetic Operations, jump and call instruction

Module 19:8051 Microcontroller Design

Module 20:Application (Different interfacing )

Module 21:Keyboard Interfacing

Module 22:Display Interfacing

Module 23:Pulse measurement

Module 24:D/A and A/D conversion

Module 25:serial data Communication

Module 26:Basic concepts of programming in c

Module 27:8051 operational codes and Mnemonics

Module 28:Using KEIL tools.

Module 29:Program Simulation In KEIL

Module 30:Using Flash Magic tool for loading program into microcontroller.

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