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Advance Robotics Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
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Advance Robotics Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Robotics.

Module 2: Knowledge on Basic Electronic Components.

Module 3: Soldering & Disordering Practices.

Module 4: Basics of sensors & actuators.

Module 5: Wireless Devices.

Module 6: Introduction to Microcontrollers.

Module 7: Programming Concepts : -

GPIO Interface.
LCD interface.
Path Tracing Logics.
PWM interface.
Advanced Optimised line following using feedback logics.
Serial Communication Protocol (UART).

Module 8: Introduction to wireless Robots.

Module 9: Digital & Analogue sensor interface.

Module 10: Flexible analogue sensor interface.

Module 11: DTMF interface.

Module 12: Windows – Robot Interface.

Module 13: Stepper Motor Interface.

Module 14: Servo Motor Interface.

Module 15: Gesture Technology.

Module 16: PID Basics.

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