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Data Structure Syllabus
(Duration 60 Hrs)
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Data Structure Detail Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

What is Data Structure?
What is Algorithm?
What is list?
Types of Data Structure
Introduction to an array and linked list

Module 2: Array

What is array?
Why Array?
Operations in an array

Module 3: Function

What is function?
Types of function
How function works?
Function recursion and how it works?

Module 4: Structure

How structure allocates memory
Tips on structure
Why and what is structure
Use of self-referential structure
Memory leak and memory linked list

Module 5: Linked list

Why linked list
How to create linked list
Operation on Linked list
Doubly linked list
Operation on doubly linked list
Programming approach to linked list

Module 6: Stack as Data Structure

Implementation of stack in array and linked list
Operation on Stack
Polish notation

Module 7: Queue as Data Structure

Implementation of Queue in array and linked list
Operation on Queue
Double Ended Queue (DeQue)
Priority Queue

Module 8: Tree

Binary tree
Binary tree representation in memory
Tree traversal
Binary search tree
Balanced binary tree
Tree rotation
M-WAY search tree

Module 9: Graphs

Representation of graphs
Graph traversal
Shortest path algorithm
Warshall’s algorithm for finding path matrix
Warshal’s algorithm for finding the shortest path matrix
Dijkestra’s technique
Floyed’s technique
Minimum spanning tree
Kruskal’s algorithm
Prim’s algorithm

Module 10: Searching and sorting

Various searching technique
Various sorting technique

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